Berlin Festival Art Village Prize 2011

This years Berlin Festival, hosted the Art Village, a sort of Urban Art mayhem, if you like to box things with an label. The homie Jan Kage did a good job and put it all together.
Some very nice people were showing their craft. POET, 1UP, NOMAD, 44 Flavours, Klub 7, Jim Avignon, DAG, Various & Gould, JUST, PISA73, Stohead, GOB Squad, Maike Gräf, etc.
So beside having a good time with some great bands, you could relax your ears and dive into some visual worlds unfolding in front of you. Actually I couldn´t even listen to the bands… as my 6×3 m wall wanted to get finished.
What I also didn´t really knew was that there was an Berlin Festival Art Prize 2011.
One of the main Investors of the Berlin Festival was Festival Republic from the UK and they donated the prize.
After GOB Squad got the 3rd prize and Maike Gräf got the 2nd, people stopped at my wall and gave me the 1st prize.
So I basically won a prize I didn´t knew exists. Thank you very much! This was a great weekend!

Photos by the incredible JUST / JUST.EKOSYSTEM.ORG

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