SuperBlast “Future/Memory” @ WeSC Santa Monica

Dear friends & family,
like I mentioned before there was some painting going on @ the WeSC store in Santa Monica.
After a 15 hours flight I landed happily in Los Angeles & had to realize that the weather was exactly as fantastic as in Berlin… almost. That didn´t kept me away from my mission anyway.
In the hotel I run into some friends from Berlin, that where all attending the Transmission LA exhibition @ the MOCA. Curated by Mike D. With a little time on my hands I had the chance to see the opening & have one or two beers that evening. Next morning, checking out the location & organizing the paint. That was a little more difficult in LA than in Berlin, where you can get everywhere by bike. After having my first experience in several traffic jams, the day was also already over. Then some great tourist view over the city at the observatory. Next day, Joshua Tree… which was an experience for itself!
Anyway, Santa Monica… arrived at noon & started to paint my “EyeBeams” on the windows… looked almost as church windows. I painted until dark… until the people started showing up. What a warm welcome & great to have met you all! Old friends & also tons of new ones! It was a blast! WeSC is a big family I realize, everywhere I go & meet new people from the WeSC universe. Cheers!
Big thanks also to Hanna for making it happen, Joel & Jacob from WeSC Santa Monica Place for being such a great hosts, David Michael Cortes!
for the photos & Mark for the video, everybody from WeSC USA who came by & Montana Cans for the excellent paint!
Ok… finally… here are some photos from this wonderful event!

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