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FvF Feature

Great feature by the homies from Freunde von Freunden: Had a blast that day!

Dear friends, just traveled the USA from west to the east in 9 days… and beside tons of other stuff I was invited by the Avantgarde Diaries Project Space NYC to paint their shopwindow… on memorial day. We also had some music & drinks! Good […]

SuperBlast x Uslu Airlines x Montana Cans #TRU

As we all know we all gonna disappear from this beautiful planet, that we call home, on the apocalyptic 21.12.2012… with a big bang! So I thought it would be a great idea to enjoy the last days with things you really love. For that […]

Rock The Block / Creative Match Kreuzberg 2012 – Video

Dear friends, the last days we had a fantastic Rock The Block event/exhibition/mayhem over here in Berlin. Initiated by the homie Adrian Nabi from Backjumps. When the last sun rays disappeared I was showing an ongoing photo serie of mine, called “Sleep Is The Cousin Of […]

SuperBlast x G-Shock 25

XLR8R – SuperBlast: Of Paint and Pixels

> Direct link to the interview page: XLR8R – SuperBlast: Of Paint and Pixels – 07/21/2008 – Words: Ali Gitlow Berlin graffiti writer-turned-graphic designer Manuel “SuperBlast” Osterholt has put in work for Ecko, Sony PSP, and Nokia’s Nseries (as well as some limited-edition items for Wood Wood and Montana […]

RUGGED #17 – SuperBlast Feature

SUPERBLAST – Wanderer between the worlds Grafitti Writer, Graphic Designer, FontDesigner, MusicConnaisseur –A peek into the world of a versatile creative head. Superblast started as grafitti writer under the name Komet but later changed it as a bow to other Supers in grafitti history. He […]

ArtschoolVets! – Mode 2 / SuperBlast – Review & Interview

(German only text!) Am vergangenen Wochenende veranstalteten Mode 2 und Superblast ein gemeinsames Ausstellungs-Kunst-Event im Studio 44 in Berlin-Mitte. Noch vor der offiziellen Eröffnung hatten wir die beiden berfreundeten Künstler im Studio aufgesucht, beim Aufbau und letzten Malerarbeiten zugeguckt und anschließend im Werkraum, mit Superblast einen kleinen Plausch […] – SuperBlast Interview

March 15th, 2011 Reading “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Milan Kundera, among all the intuitions on the relation man-woman and body-soul, I have kept only one sentence (one of those sentences you would write on your skin someday): “Symbols are untouchable”. Now, even thou […]

Don´t Panic! UK – Interview & Poster

SUPERBLAST Written by Olly Rees / Photos by Foto Di Matti, CREAM & Fons Schiedon / 31 May 2010 After collaborations with Sony and Nokia, the graffiti artist come graphic designer Manuel Osterholt (AKA Superblast), has produced the artwork for the latest Don’t Panic poster. Forming part of his Utopian […]

Highsnobiety – Mode2 & Superblast Exhibition at Studio 44 Berlin – Recap

  Mode2 & Superblast Exhibition at Studio 44 Berlin – Recap – 08 October 2010 In an interesting mash up, artists Mode2 and Superblast got together for an exhibition at Studio 44 Berlin. Artworks from both artists are on display since yesterday and we can only […]

Juxtapoz #138 – SuperBlast Book Review

Dear Juxtapoz, thank you very much!