Arte Amore Anarchia – Handmade Typo Film Opener

AAA – Movie Opener (small)

Arte Amore Anarchia
Experimental-documentary (52 min)
Berlin/Naples – 2007

Inspired by a picture of the Neapolitan Writer “KAF” on the metro line in Naples – “Arte Amore Anarchia“ deals with graffiti as part of an urbanmovement. The various protagonists are accompanied on theirjourney through Berlin and Naples at night. The spectator par-ticipates in the different actions that intervene in the appearanceof the two cities. Atmospheric music underlines the rhythms ofnight and day allowing the two centres in the course of the filmto merge into one whole. Well known places are presented froman unknown perspective, and lively city impressions are createdwhich document the public space without imposing a specificinterpretation on the viewer.

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