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Mendelssohn – A Midsummer Night´s Dream – CD Label Design

The Centro Português de Design – CPD/ Portuguese Design Center
gave me this brief:

“International invitation to design CD label/cover” to the collection of erudit music Masterpieces of Music History to be distributed by a portuguese reference newspaper, as well as by other international reference newspapers.This collection was conceived by Rui Vieira Nery, a prestigious and internationally renowned musicologist, director of the Music Service of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and former State Secretary of Culture, includes 40 CDs, each one of them with an explicative booklet, and gathers a brilliant selection of fundamental classical musical pieces, important landmarks over 1.000 years of Western Culture History, ranging from Gregorian Chant to Contemporary Music.

We have invited 40 designers/design companies to participate in this edition of the portuguese Editor Tugaland, with music catalog from EMI, and asked them to
create and design an original piece to the label/cover of each CD.
Each CD is dedicated to a musical masterpiece and the designers should interpret e illustrate the music through images, according to the feelings and emotions provoked by that audition.”

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