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SuperBlast / Borgmann1772

Edition 8 – SuperBlast Modern age mythology

Berlin-based artist and graphic designer SuperBlast has a reputation for placing traditional images of saints and icons within a postmodern context. Skateboarding and street art culture have a palpable and diverse influence on his work.

In his pieces, he consciously seizes upon man’s mortality and situates it within the overall context of the cosmos.

The SuperBlast / Borgmann1772 Edition explores the idea of the spirit existing in the universe once it has been set free from the body. The two serpents symbolise a dichotomy that balances itself out – they are seductive and evil on the one hand, yet positive on the other, representing knowledge in Eden and associated with healing in the symbol of Asclepius (god of medicine and healing), a symbol widely used for pharmacies and the field of medicine. Leaves and branches represent the completeness of everything through the perpetual nature of ever-recurring life.

“I’ve been familiar with Borgmann1772 from the world of Berlin nightlife for a long time and I’ve followed every edition with great interest. The idea of linking my work to traditional values and contemporary design, in line with the Borgmann philosophy, particularly appealed to me. Making my art fit with this philosophy was a real thrill.”

The limited no. 8 edition is available from the 15th of November 2013 in select clubs, restaurants and bars, exclusive retail stores!

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