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SuperBlast / Borgmann1772

Edition 8 – SuperBlast Modern age mythology Berlin-based artist and graphic designer SuperBlast has a reputation for placing traditional images of saints and icons within a postmodern context. Skateboarding and street art culture have a palpable and diverse influence on his work. In his pieces, he consciously seizes upon man’s […]

Space Odyssey – Screenprint

The girls from Mother Drucker Berlin made a limited edition screen print & it´s numbered and signed by the artist – SuperBlast… that´s me. 3 colour design printed onto 300gsm cream paper. Print size 50 x 70 cm. Overall edition /50 (blue) /20 (orange) – 120€ Don´t […]

Upper Playground FIFTY24SF x SuperBlast tee!

Ecko Unltd – Design & Wallpaper

Some designs for the New York based brand ECKO Unltd. & their sublabels.

Mendelssohn – A Midsummer Night´s Dream – CD Label Design

The Centro Português de Design – CPD/ Portuguese Design Center gave me this brief: “International invitation to design CD label/cover” to the collection of erudit music Masterpieces of Music History to be distributed by a portuguese reference newspaper, as well as by other international reference newspapers.This […]